McAlpha Hosting For Minecraft

By Soledges

Well hello there! My name is Zack and i am making a Medium Server Hosting company. That let you host for cheap price. We let you host a lot of diffent plans.Like:

Bukkit server

Tekkit Server

Ftp Server

and others.

Vanilla are cheap!

We need your help to help this company stay up. So use us as your hosting company! We will give out free 10 player bukkit/tekkit server. We Needing Server hoster that can help us:

                                                Thing You Need For The Jobs!

*If You have a fast Computer/laptop.               *Needing Amatuer people.

*Can make a cloud server( Meaning 24/7)        * Need people who have fast comp/laptop over 3 gb or 2.

*If you can be online a lot.                              * If Want To Apply Email me at

* Help me making the website.                        ---------> <----------My Email.

*Improve our company.                                   * Zack Thanks you for reading

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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